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What is the function of each component in the bender?
1. The pushing device (composed of a trolley, a bed, a drive shaft, a traction chain, etc.) pushes the steel pipe forward, and the steel pipe is bent under the action of a rocker arm and a guide roller;
2. The pumping station consists of two parts, high pressure and low pressure, which are guide roller opening and closing, rocker arm clamping cylinder, pushing device trolley chuck opening and closing, and straightening roller opening and closing to provide power;
3, the drive device It is the power source of the push device;
4. The leveling roller is to prevent vertical deformation during the bending process, and it is used in conjunction with the floating anti-ellipse clamp to ensure that the ellipticity of the curved pipe meets the requirements;
5, rocker, its role is to ensure that the bending radius of the pipe meets the requirements, the clamping seat is to limit the rebound of the steel pipe in the bending process;
6. The guide roller device consists of two sets of guide rollers, a frame and a clamping transmission system. The guide rollers are opened and closed by hydraulic drive. Its function is to complete the horizontal bending of the steel pipe together with the rocker arm.

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