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How to deal with the bottleneck of bender bending skills
First, according to the different characteristics of the raw materials of alloy steel tubes, carbon steel tubes, etc., the groove planning of the bending tube mold has different cross-section requirements. With the support of the corresponding operating units, based on a lot of experiments, the groove planning of different raw materials for curved pipe moulds was fundamentally explored.
Together with the twists and turns of different wall thicknesses, even if the raw materials are the same, they also have different planning requirements. For example, the requirements for the planning of double-support rollers for the thin-walled pipe when it is tortuous.
Second, Pipe benders that require large torque (power) for large pipe diameters, wall thicknesses, and radiuses of bends, because of the blind spots of planning, simply cause instability and resonance problems. Demand for the support of the roller bracket adopts the check of the pain bar.
Thirdly, it is necessary to invest in the bending pipe die with a radius of more than 30.48 em (12 inches). However, the skill dangers of the planning demand more attention. In the planning process, according to the previous planning experience of small and medium sized dies, a large machining allowance should be reserved at the critical location to offset the deformation that occurred during pouring. The casting process on the mold also requires very careful handling to prevent large casting deformations.

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