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Offline programming of pipe bending machine and how to operat
The bender is a kind of machine with a wide range of applications. The machine bender is a kind of machine with a wide range of applications, from a small part of a refrigerator to a bend of an underground pipe. Pipe benders have been innovating. The new benders provide advanced functionality and many features that help workers run machines more efficiently. Operators who have new machine control features can use these features to improve performance. Workpiece mold specification memory: Most of the new CNC benders share a common feature.
Can store workpiece specifications and all related machining information such as mold type, position and bending sequence. Moreover, the CNC function allows operators to store and access the tool library, providing convenience for managing tool inventory. Material Thickness Detection: When using a precision grinding mold, the bender can detect changes in material thickness and perform real-time bending calculations to reduce the number of parts with excessive or insufficient bending angles. 3-D graphical display and bending simulation: With the bending of the workpiece, these functions can display the bending process of the parts on the controller screen to avoid material scrap caused by improper molding of the parts.
For off-line programming of the bender, off-line programming of the bender saves preparation time because the worker does not have to program the part program; the part program can be programmed by the technician and sent down to the bender.
With regard to how to operate the anti-corrosion pipe, we can use the pipe bender to bend the pipe. First of all, we should level the pipe so that the anti-corrosion pipe is in the mold and the base and the wedge. This process requires two handles (base control handle, wedge Control handle). When the anti-corrosion pipe is placed, the wedge pressure reaches 210 bar.
Press the pedestal control handle to raise the main cylinder, and when it rises to a certain height, release the handle and pause for 1-2 seconds to reduce the elasticity. At this time, you can use the angle ruler to measure the angle of the cold bend tube. The measurement method is shown in the figure below (The determination of the cold bend angle, the use of the angle ruler), then lift the base control handle to release the pressure of the cylinder. The bender lifts the wedge control handle to release the pressure of the wedge cylinder, and then the angle of the bend can be measured. The change of the angle is caused by the elasticity of the steel. However, how do you know the rebound rate of the steel? In general, when the bending angle is 1 degree, the actual natural angle is only 0.5 degrees.
When each cold bend pipe starts to be tumbled, measurement must be performed in the first two times and in the second time and in the middle, which can reduce the influence of various factors on the angle (material) of the bend pipe. The working principle of the hydraulic pipe bender is actually very simple: The numerical control hydraulic pipe bender is composed of a cylinder, a bracket and a mold.

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