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What is the difference between automatic pipe bending machine
The difference between the automatic pipe bending machine and the ordinary pipe bending machine: The hydraulic system, control system, drive system, and display system of the pipe bending machine of the automatic pipe bending machine adopt high-reliability imported parts, which have high precision and high efficiency and are suitable for Mass production, with international and domestic advanced level. It is a CNC full-automatic pipe bending machine with a full-function device for bending three-dimensional space pipes. The entire bending process of the input program is completed automatically. The whole machine has the characteristics of convenient operation, stable performance, high work efficiency, and high safety factor. It is an ideal equipment for the tube processing industry, with high mechanical efficiency and low energy consumption. Automatic bending machine can reach 1.5 times the diameter of the bending radius of special models, can reach 1.0 times the diameter of the bending radius of the elbow, feeding, transfer tube, three axes are used servo motor control, using LCD touch screen, menu-type operation It is easy to learn and easy to understand. The program is easy to set. It has its own detection and error message display. It is convenient to eliminate operational errors and failure sinking clamps, avoid interfering with plug pump, save energy, and provide stable oil pressure. The pressure can also reach the minimum deformation with slow bend core function for thin tube or bending radius (1.0D~1.5DCLR) bending operation. The accuracy of feeding length can be improved: ±0.1mm. Angle accuracy of rotating tube: ± 0.1 degree elbow angle accuracy: ± 0.1 degrees Although ordinary pipe bending machine is also a touch screen, but he is a straight clip type, but the accuracy of the elbow is relatively close.

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