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How to maintain and maintain the bender
1. When cleaning the oil tank of the bender, clean the oil filter of each pump.
2. Within 1 to 2 months after the equipment is used, clean the fuel tank and filter the hydraulic tank once.
3. If forward and retraction failures are found, first check whether the solenoid valve acts as if the solenoid valve is working properly. Then check whether the sequence valve 6X3, the relief valve YF-L20H4 or the one-way relief valve 4HD3 has an impurity stuck. (This phenomenon usually occurs easily when the device is used.) If it is stuck, clean it up with gasoline or diesel and reinstall it.
4. Each joint of the hydraulic pump station is equipped with an oil-resistant rubber seal. If the seal is damaged or leaks, it should be replaced in time. 5, check the various parts of the fastener to make it in a tight state.

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