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Double-head hydraulic automatic pipe end forming machine POSITION: HOME > PRODUCTS
Mechanical features:
1. The product is controlled by microcomputer, hydraulically driven, Chinese subtitles display, man-machine conversation type operation, manual and semi-automatic operation modes can be arbitrarily selected, and the mobile foot switch has both startup and tight stop functions.
2, duplex configuration, can be reduced twice at the same time, and the use of linear guides as a carrier, so that its operation without wear, product reproducibility. Processing shape: convex, concave, section, long side, square, top, oblique, V-shaped, open elbow, flat mouth elbow ...., etc., depending on the workpiece to change the shape of the mold.
3, can adjust the distance between the two heads according to the length of the processing pipe (only double-head pipe end molding machine)
4, according to the length of the pipe, choose a single clamping or double clamping
5, the use of imported hydraulic valves (Japan Oil Research).
6. The whole machine has the characteristics of convenient operation, stable performance, high work efficiency, high safety factor, etc. It is an ideal equipment for the tube processing industry.

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