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Service guarantee
understand customer's needs
Carefully designed according to the needs of customers, try to achieve the needs of customers, provide customers with complete, economical and applicable solutions.
Continuous improvement of equipment
Keeping communication with customers during the production process, continuously improving and improving equipment, and manufacturing samples according to customer requirements.
Committed to providing customers with value-for-money products and services, timely and accurate solutions to problems encountered by customers, with "customer satisfaction" as the standard of service, to win customers long-term trust.
Terms of Service
Provide one year free service and follow-up lifelong service.
Product use training
Adhering to the purposes of technological innovation and management innovation, we continue to provide customers with complete industry solutions. While providing high-quality products, we continue to provide supporting training services to help users achieve a multiplier effect when using the equipment.
Onsite support services
Our professionals communicate with you face-to-face and conduct research and analysis on the issues at the scene so that problems can be resolved quickly.
Free hotline service
24-hour service hotline to accept customer inquiries, service scheduling and complaints.