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Semi-automatic hydraulic pipe bending machine noise reduction
1. The reverberation time of the pipe cutting machine workshop and the determination of the noise value of each noise source The reverberation time refers to the indoor sound reaching a stable state. After the sound source stops sounding, the residual sound is reciprocated in the room and reflected by the wall surface. The average sound energy density is reduced to One millionth of the original value (or the time required to attenuate sound energy by 60dB). The longer the reverberation time, the more the sound is reflected in the workshop, and the slower the energy decay rate. In the same sound source, the workshop with long reverberation time is more noise than the workshop with shorter reverberation time.

2, the choice of sound-absorbing material Figure 6 shows the basic composition of the sound insulation board, can be seen from the figure, sound insulation board consists of 5 parts, the noise through the hole in the perforated plate into the sound-absorbing cotton, part of the vibration through the glass wool The energy is converted into heat energy, and the other part is isolated by the outer steel plate to achieve the purpose of sucking and sharing.

(1) An outer steel sheet with a thickness of 2 mm plays a role of soundproofing and supporting and is the outer surface of the sound absorbing panel.
(2) The middle part of the sound-absorbing panel is a sound-absorbing material made of glass wool, which is used to absorb sound energy and is the main component of the noise reduction material. Mainly includes two aspects, one is the thickness of the outer steel plate, especially in the places with relatively low frequency noise, the outer steel plate needs to be thickened, because the sound-absorbing cotton sound absorption effect of low frequency noise is far worse than the high frequency noise Absorption; On the other hand, the choice of the thickness of the sound-absorbing cotton, generally based on the size of the noise, 50 ~ 100mm is a commonly used thickness range value, in this noise reduction project because the noise value exceeds the standard, in order to ensure the noise reduction effect, Make sure the thickness of the sound absorbing cotton is 100mm.

3. Illumination treatment Since the interior of the equipment is isolated from the external workshop lighting after the implementation of the closed project, the lighting system needs to be added in the enclosed body. In order to ensure the lighting required for production and later equipment maintenance, the design illumination reaches more than 500 lumens. The lighting system in the enclosed body is wired separately and independently switched to ensure convenient use without affecting the original power supply system. In addition, in order to prevent a sudden power outage in the workshop, an emergency lighting system was installed in the enclosure to ensure the safety of equipment and personnel.

4, the production line monitoring system production line will inevitably produce a lot of blind spots, although there is a certain observation window on the closed wall, but the visual range has been greatly reduced, for example, in the automatic mode change (ADC) process, The opposite side of the operation side is a blind area, and there is a great safety risk in the movement of the press table. Therefore, the installation of the production line monitoring system can monitor the production conditions inside and outside the production line in real time, and timely detect the occurrence of internal abnormalities to ensure the safety of equipment and operators.

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