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How to maintain automatic pipe bending machine
1. When using the full-automatic pipe bender for the first time, add a mechanical or hydraulic oil with a kinematic viscosity of 20 centistokes.
2. Normal use of automatic pipe bending machine oil pump: When the pressure is 63Mpa, the performance of the oil pump can be played safely. It is the most reasonable use, and no adjustment is needed everywhere. When the actual working pressure is lower than 63 MPa, no adjustment is needed everywhere.
3, to expand the scope of application of the pump: In order to adapt to the matching cylinder, you can work under pressure below 63Mpa. At this point, the pressure gauge is first connected to the hose and the high pressure valve is adjusted. When the pressure is expressed to the working pressure of the cylinder, it can be used. In order to meet the needs of large-tonnage, large-stroke work, can be designed and manufactured large-scale fuel tanks or auxiliary fuel tanks.
The above is the maintenance method of automatic bending machine.

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