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5 features of automatic pipe bending machine
1. The trolley that completes the straight-feed movement (DBB) is pulled forward by the pipe during bending of the pipe. In this way, the "positive thrust" is removed, the synchronization problem of the trolley and the bending speed is removed, and the negative feedback system of the DC motor set to increase the "positive thrust" is eliminated, simplifying the electrical circuit.
2. The elbow can be moved horizontally along the guide rail. This is necessary after the bend die is changed and the bender adjusts the bend die slot to align with the centerline of the machine tool. This is easier than adjusting the centerline of the machine tool with the guide rails and the tailstock on the adjustment bed body.
3, when bending, because the car as a load, is pulled forward by the pipe, in order to improve the bending, to avoid excessive thinning of the pipe bending part of the wall thickness, reduce rebound, increase the booster device.
4. When the last corner is entered, the trolley may collide with the die. At this time, the “interference zone” function can be used. That is, the die is returned → the trolley continues to feed → the bent arms return → the space corner (POB) → clamp Clamping → The chuck is released, the trolley exits the interference zone → the die presses → bends the tube. In this way, the elbow not only avoids the collision of the trolley with the die, but also ensures the smooth completion of the final bend, and can reduce the loss of clamping head and reduce the production cost.
5. The elbow arms and the bending spindle are integrated into one body, and the elbow bending die shaft can be replaced and the clamping die can be moved up and down. This structure is not only reasonable, but also increases the strength of the mechanical part, and the structure is simple, thereby simplifying the electrical circuit.

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