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Automatic pipe bending machine operating procedures
First, check the work before starting
1. Check the surroundings of the workplace and be clear about everything that may hinder work and traffic. There must be no oil or water stains on the ground to avoid slipping. Material rack placed in a safe place, materials placed neatly, to prevent collapse and wounding; 2. Check the protective device on the bender is intact, found that the abnormal situation should be handled before boot; 3. Check the lubrication of the bender, The lack of oil or no oil should be filled with the appropriate lubricating oil; 4. Check for any foreign matter on the bender or obstruct the operation of the equipment; 5. Check the cooling system of the bender and confirm that it is working properly; 6. The main control panel is strictly prohibited Use pipe fittings and hard objects to click.
Second, safety operation
1. During the start-up test run, check whether the mechanical operation is normal and whether the electrical switch is sensitive and effective. Only after everything is normal can it work.
2. If two people work together at the same time, they should cooperate closely and coordinate with each other. During the operation, they must not laugh at others to prevent misoperation or pipe injury.
3. During the operation of the pipe bending machine, the operator should pay attention to it and the line of sight must not leave the equipment.
4. When the pipe bending machine is running, it is forbidden to stand near the pipe bending stroke range of the pipe fittings. The operator and the operating platform are outside the pipe bending stroke.
5. Finished pipe fittings should be placed in an orderly manner according to the shape or characteristics of the pipe fittings, and if necessary, they should be fixed so as to prevent them from falling out during transportation.
6. The operator is strictly forbidden to stand in the penalty zone during trial operation. See the schematic diagram.
Third, the boot sequence
1. Turn on the main power control box power switch.
2. Press the power button: POWER ON to open the main control screen. 3. Enter the main control screen and touch the Chinese button. 4. On the main control panel display the device model page, touch any place on the screen. 5. Tap “Help Start” to start the hydraulic pressure control system for the bender. 6. Touch “Home Return” to return the devices to their original positions. position.
Fourth, the shutdown sequence
1. After the job is completed, touch the “Back to Contents” button until the language selection page is displayed. Press the “OFF” key: POWER OFF to close the main control panel. 3. Turn off the main power supply to the bending machine.

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