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Characteristics of CNC System in Bending Machine
The pipe bending machine mainly adopts WE67YK series sheet metal pipe bending machine structure; SDS-3PB pipe bending machine full-closed-loop numerical control system, two grating scales, and one photoelectric encoder detect feedback in real time, and the stepping motor drives the screw rod to form a full-closed-loop control. Two grating scales; a real-time detection and feedback correction of the position of the rear stopper and the slider; the photoelectric encoder detects the position of the dead stopper of the cylinder and feeds it back to the CNC system.
1. Direct angle programming with angle compensation.
2, grating scale real-time detection and feedback correction, full-closed loop control, rear blockage and slide dead block positioning accuracy of ± 0.02mm.
3. The upper die adopts a fast clamping device, and the lower die adopts a wedge-shaped deformation compensation mechanism.
4, multi-step programming features, can achieve more automatic operation, complete multi-step parts one-time processing, improve production efficiency.
5, according to user needs can choose stable performance, compact imported hydraulic system, rear gear can choose ball screw, belt drive.

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